Numerous Leading Corporations Ban Russia

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has caused several companies and organizations to ban Russia. These include Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, Premier League Club Man UTD, Dell, Delta, F1, Rolls-Royce, Eurovision, UEFA, Intel, and BP.  In light of recent events, various industries and fields have decided to be vocal about the wrongdoings of Russia. In the beginning, Norway began the procedure to remove Russian assets from the $1.3 trillion Sovereign Wealth Fund.  This decision comes days after the United States and European Union banned central bank transactions and Russian markets plummeted. To ban Russian users from buying and selling, the Wealth Fund has been freezing Russian accounts.  Additionally, Norway announced sanctions in cooperation with the EU and will be banning the entry of Russian flights. Furthermore, stating that increase of humanitarian support concerning the crisis. Norway has also prohibited the sales of Rolls-Royce in the Russian marketplace.  Secondly, the UK Civil Aviation Authority declared a ban on Aeroflot’s foreign carrier permit. Man URD chose to withdraw the sponsorship rights of Aeroflot. Additionally, tech companies such as Intel, Dell, and Lenovo decided cumulatively to suspend deliveries in Russia.  Delta Airlines have joined the bandwagon to suspend code-sharing partnership with Aeroflot. In a piece of recent news, FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) President Mohammed Ben Sulayem wrote that they won’t be holding the Formula One racing in Russia this year.  The European Broadcast Union reported that Russia’s inclusion in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest can bring disrepute. Thereby, they are no longer allowed to partake in the Contest.  Many countries have criticized Putin for attacking Ukraine. However, Putin continues to warn everyone to not interfere. 



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